About the project

People with disabilities make up 20% of the population. Many of these persons work, travel and lead an active social life despite their disabilities. We have to remember that the possibilities of many limitations appearing increase drastically among people after 50 and previously healthy. They begin to have trouble walking, hearing or seeing. Intensive ageing of European society makes the number of people with special needs increasing.

Although, due to equality policy of the European Union, the individual Member States have introduced anti-discrimination legislation, also regarding tourist services, this sector is not always prepared for providing service to clients with special needs. Vocational and training education in this sector and complementary services e.g. transport, very often ignores the issues of clients with special needs or does not pay too much attention to them.

The answer to this problem is the international project „Tourist Environment Accessibility for Disability (TEAD)ˮ performed in Leonardo da Vinci Programme – Transfer of Innovation, according to the contact with National Agency No. 2012-1-PL1-LEO05-27449.

This project is a continuation of the project „Accommodation and Catering Accessibility for Disability”(ACAD), finished at the end of 2011, which met with a great interest of disabled people, institutions dealing with equality issues and the hotel and catering sector. In the TEAD project the results of its predecessor will be transferred to other services in tourism sector including tourist information centres, travel agencies, tourist guide organisations, tourist transport, regional promotion offices etc. The results will be enriched with examples of good practices and experience of a new partner in the project – Access Sweden.

The project has been implemented  from 1st Dec 2012 till 30th Nov 2014.

TEAD Leaflet